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20-Jun-2017 05:34

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This has helped where most other anti-depressants have failed; I just wish it helped a little more.6 mg patches work best for me.

I went up to 9 mg but I had major insomnia and greatly increased depression.

I have tried over 10 medications for my anxiety and depression over the past 4 years and the only thing that came close to working was a combination of Effector XR, Remron and Xanax.

I experienced terrible side effects (30 lb weight gain, brain zaps, lightheadness, insomnia, upset stomach, and still had periods of depression and occasional panic attacks) on these medications and eventually decided it wasn't worth it.

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Btw, the major withdrawal symptom I had was nausea/loss of appetite which began around Day 8 and stayed for about 2 weeks. (I'm After taking a tricyclic for 25 years (Imipramine) I felt it stopped working as well and I tired of the side effects.

This site won't let me enter more specific details of my time length and dosage of EMSAM. This medication worked for a glorious 2 months and then I crashed in a spectacular way. I found a new psychiatrist on 3/1/17 and we completely stopped the EMSAM.